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Our Team.

The Africa Trade Foundation is led by a dedicated team committed to driving the mission and vision of the organisation. The Foundation Council, comprised of experienced and esteemed members, provides strategic guidance and leadership, ensuring the Foundation's activities align with its objectives. The  Secretariat staff oversee the day-to-day operations to advance trade and foster sustainable development across Africa. 

Council Members

Our Foundation Council comprises a group of visionary experts and leaders who provide strategic guidance, expertise, and oversight, shaping the direction of our initiatives. Committed to advancing trade, these accomplished individuals ensure our mission remains resolute and impactful.

Paul Baker

Founder and Chairman

David Luke

Council Member

Brenda K. Kombo

Council Member

Caroline Ncube

Council Member

David Luff

Council Member

Teddy Soobramanien

Council Member


The Foundation's Protector is entrusted with upholding the Foundation's vision and ensuring that its objectives are steadfastly pursued. Through their guidance and oversight, we maintain our unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable trade and driving positive change in Africa.

Swithin Munyantwali


Our Secretariat

Our Secretariat comprises a dynamic team committed to driving the Foundation's initiatives forward. With diverse expertise and a shared commitment for sustainable trade and regional integration, they advance our mission
and aim to make a meaningful impact across Africa.

Veepin Bhowon

Executive Director

Alistair Elder

Director of Partnerships

Smita Bheenick

Fellow, Trade Policy

Pablo Quiles

Fellow, Trade Policy

Akshay Bholee

Fellow, Data Analytics

David Jolicoeur

Fellow, Data Analytics

Neetish Hurry

Director of Analytics

Neha Goindo

Operations Manager

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