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African Trade Advisory Centre

The Africa Trade Advisory Centre provides expert-driven guidance to businesses and investors in navigating the African market. Built on the collective expertise of our members, the Centre offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to your business needs. Our dedicated team equips you with the insights and strategies required to thrive in the dynamic and diverse African market. Whether you are a business looking to expand or a government agency seeking informed trade policy recommendations, our advisory services are designed to unlock opportunities and drive sustainable growth across the continent. 


Trade Policy Advisory

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Market Entry Strategies

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Impact Assessments

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Trade Policy Advisory

The Foundation promotes informed decision-making and policy development in Africa. Our team of experts offers valuable insights and analysis on trade-related issues, helping governments, businesses, and organisations navigate the complex landscape of trade policy. Through our advisory services, we assist in formulating effective trade policies, identifying opportunities for growth, and addressing challenges in the ever-changing global trade environment. With a deep understanding of regional dynamics and international trade frameworks, we strive to contribute to the development of robust and inclusive trade policies that drive economic growth and promote sustainable development across Africa.

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Market Entry Strategies

The Foundation provides valuable guidance and support to businesses and investors seeking to enter African markets. Our team possesses extensive knowledge of the African business landscape and can assist organisations in formulating effective strategies to navigate market complexities, overcome barriers, and seize opportunities. We conduct in-depth market research, assess market dynamics, and provide tailored recommendations to optimise market entry and expansion. 

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Impact Assessments

The Foundation excels in conducting Impact Assessments, helping businesses and organisations evaluate the potential effects of trade and regulatory changes on their business. Our team of experts utilises comprehensive methodologies and analytical tools to assess the social, economic, and environmental impacts of trade-related policies. By conducting rigorous impact assessments, we enable businesses to make informed decisions, and optimise their strategies.

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