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African Trade Growth Lab

The African Trade Growth Lab offers timely insights and progress tracking on trade in Africa and the AfCFTA, keeping you informed about ongoing developments on the continent. Explore our comprehensive dashboards that feature in-depth information on all African countries, providing valuable insights into their trade dynamics, market trends, and economic indicators. Unlock a wealth of knowledge and discover new possibilities for growth and collaboration as you navigate the rich tapestry of trade across the continent. 

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Our AfCFTA Implementation portal provides updates on the latest developments and milestones of the AfCFTA with interactive dashboards on the ratification status of the AfCFTA and the tariff offers made by countries.

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Welcome to our Regional Economic Communities Hub where we delve into the economic and trade profiles of each REC to identify market access opportunities across regional value chains.


Our Country Profiles portal features interactive and up-to-date dashboards with key indicators on all African countries covering macroeconomic performance, bilateral trade, and more.


Our Digital Trade Dashboards provides insights and visualisations on digital trade and e-commerce, consolidating complex data into interactive displays for informed decision-making.


Latest Insights and Publications

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