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Unveiling the Potential: Trade in Services Opportunities in Southern Africa

Paul Baker, the Founder and Chairman of the Africa Trade Foundation, and International Economics Consulting Ltd. have recently published a comprehensive study titled "Trade in Services Opportunities and Strategies in Southern Africa," which was commissioned by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

The study highlights the significant potential of the services sector in Southern Africa, showcasing its dynamic and promising nature. South Africa's influence is evident, with its services sector contributing to 67 percent of the overall services economy in the region.

This report offers valuable insights and strategic recommendations on how to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this thriving sector, fostering sustainable economic growth. For those interested in understanding the economic landscape of Southern Africa, the study is a must-read.

We encourage you to access the full report and engage in the discussion surrounding the future prospects of the services sector in this vibrant region.


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