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Alistair Elder

Director of Partnerships


International Trade, Investment, Economic Development, Governance, Policy, Market Entry

About Alistair

Alistair has a wealth of experience in various leadership and advisory roles. As Managing Director of IEC (UK) Ltd, Alistair is in charge of all operational and strategic aspects of IEC in the United Kingdom. Alistair has over 30 years’ trade, economic development, strategy, and diplomacy experience across many markets, including the EU, Middle East, Africa, and Indo-Pacific. He is also a Managing Partner at SGI Partners Ltd since September 2017 where he provides strategic guidance to UK and international businesses and governments.

He als served at the Foreign Office for 16 years in a variety of roles; the final position was a Trade and Investment role in India. Since 2005, Alistair has been working in both FTSE 100 Multinational Corporations and SMEs, holding several Executive Director and Senior Management positions. He has provided advisory to MNCs, SMEs, Investors, Governments and trade bodies.Alistair has worked on programmes with a range of clients, including the UK’s Department for International Trade; Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office; Department for Culture, Media and Sport; the EU; and the World Bank.

Alistair is a member of the Institute of Director’s National Expert Advisory Group on Trade. He is a contributor to the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Trade and Export Promotion supporters’ network. Alistair also holds several board positions in a range of sectors.


  • English, German and French

Alistair Elder
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